Juli 31, 2014 § 13 Kommentare


Kokon, 2014

100 x 100 cm, Acryl auf Leinwand


Cocoon, 2014

100 x 100 cm, acrylic on canvas

In private hands


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§ 13 Antworten auf Kokon

  • fisherholly sagt:

    I love your colors, lines and emotion of this piece!

  • Thank you for liking „Sea Serpents“ and „Neptune’s Fortress.“ Wonderful painting! :) She is a beautiful dreamer in a beautiful dream world. I appreciate the subtle details of this piece, such as the butterflies next to the dreamer.

  • I admire artists who are courageous with their colors. Nice painting. Peace.

  • pearlz sagt:

    Love this one.

  • Alexandra sagt:

    love your works!!

  • ken riddles sagt:

    Struck by the similarity only in what is depicted – between your piece and a post I did entitled: Hiding with friends. (mine is a simple hide and seek scenario and yours?) cheers.

    • Hey, there really are some similarities, even the blue butterflies. My painting is dealing with character development and maturation. All the best Michael

  • Hi Michael!

    I have browsed through your paintings and I am so happy I did. You are incredibly talented! I love the way your paintings tell stories. They are not just captures or photograph-like paintings. They are rich creations. The amount of forethought and detail is incredible.

    I fell for the composition of this one – vivid and strong, yet pure and balanced. The colours bring such power to your canvas, like a map helping us navigate through your work, yet deceiving us playfully by camouflaging details woven in the fabric, inviting us to shed another layer and contemplate further.

    I love the detail of the floating pearls they bring a touch of magic along with a signature to your painting.

    Again I think it is gorgeous. I could go on and on talking about it and describing what I see and how it makes me feel.

    Ihr Gemälde ist fantastisch. Mein Deutsch ist begrenzt, aber ich möchte Ihnen sagen, dass ich mich glücklich fühle, dass ich Ihren Blog gefunden habe.

    Haben Sie einen schönen Abend :)

    • Dear Hailie,
      vielen Dank for your nice words. What can I respond after such a comment? I’m glad you like my work and can connect to it. Telling stories is really a major point in my art. This piece especially is a key work for me and in many other works I hark back to it.
      All the best

      • Guten Morgen Michael,
        It is my pleasure diving in your art. The connection I feel to your paintings and to this one in particular is strong. Thank you for sharing all of them. Your art is mesmerising. I can feel that decrypting the story is the key to understanding your work.
        All the best to you too,
        I look forward to following you :)

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