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IV (POLY), 2016

25 x 25 cm, Acryl auf C-Print

IV (POLY), 2016

25 x 25 cm, acrylic on C-print


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§ 7 Antworten auf IV (POLY)

  • I’m going to write a list of all the words this piece suggests to me. I want to know it better as it really appeals to me. It’s really good :)

  • Here’s a few. I promptly lost the original list! Wrap, stuff, wad, wrestler, hold, repose, cover, nest, parachute, silk, beneath, bed, arm, thigh, sheet, joint, join, stretch, mould, bundle, tuck, found.

    • Thank you. You’re so creative. It’s so interesting what you associate with this piece.

      • Thank you. Any of them resonate with what you intended? I guess we are programmed as humans to find people in what we look at and this is what I see now. Initially it was a figure lying down head hidden away from me. Another look just now and the figure is crawling out towards me, much more sinister! However, the first thoughts before i made my list were around fabric and material and touch.

      • Some of your associations do resonate with me, others I find quite surprising, but non the less convincing. The godd thing about art is, that it is open enough to offer every viewer the possability to project his own state of mind.

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